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When I watch porn I always see these young sexy porn stars with shaven pussies. My husband loves to watch those shaved pussies and has even asked me a few times to shave my pussy. I have never shaved my pussy.

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And I like Woman seeking nsa Florence South Dakota just the way it is, hairy and natural. But my husband complains from time to time that my hairy bush annoyed him when he eats my pussy. My husband used to be very attentive to my needs in bed earlier, and never cared if I was satisfied in the bed or not. He always complains about my hairy pussy, so I thought to get what I want, I need to give my husband what he wants, a clean shaved pussy and also a baby from his sperm.

I was free on Saturday morning after finishing all my household chores, so I thought to shave my pussy. But of course, we can never do what we wanted like we planned, because something always comes up. Rajesh had gone to college, so I thought it would be a good time to shave my pussy before something comes up. I looked at my nude body in the mirror and felt Horny women in salt Dover Delaware of.

Despit being 32 year old, I had a great body. Married wives seeking real sex Lafayette

I start to play with myself and finger-fuck my pussy. Just when I was getting up heated up from my finger masturbation, the bathroom door suddenly opened and Rajesh was standing right there staring at my nude body. I was like, oh my god.

I got to notice that he had a hard on in his track pants. Oh my God, Adult Nashville finder Nashville women 16 year old nephew is having a hard on from his own Aunt. And when I got my senses back, I quickly grabbed my bath towel and covered myself with it. Rajesh then murmured something, apologized and exited the bathroom and I quickly closed the bathroom door.

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I am so embarrassed and my mood of shaving my pussy was all gone. I hurriedly got out of the bathroom in the same bathroom towel. I shut my bedroom door but forgot to lock it and it was the biggest mistake I did, but luckily it turned out in the favour of me and you will know WHY. However, having caught by Rajesh in Hot ladies seeking casual sex Youngstown bathroom playing with my pussy while I was completely naked turned me on in a ridiculous sinful way.

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There I pulled out my clothes form the wardrobe and wore white panty on my wet moist pussy and slided on my white bra onto my shoulders and when I was about to hook it, I suddenly Van orin IL sex dating a low noise outside my door and the door opened quickly, I saw Rajesh entering my room and quietly closing my bedroom door.

I stood like a Kelowna massage parlour in front of my 16 year old nephew not knowing what to do and how to deal with the situation. Rajesh was staring at me with lust in his eyes, while I stood in front of him with only my bra and panties on. My front of my panties were wet due to cum I had while I was masturbating in the bathroom, he could definitely see my Looking for a regular clean hookup in Santa Fe pussy through my panties.

And I was very much certain, his eyes were on my pussy. I had no idea what he was trying to do, but he kept on complimenting my body. Naughty black women Payneville

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Then I decided to scare this little boy out of my room, which was a bad idea that I found out later. I was Single ladies new Worcester standing in front of Speed dating illinois with only my bra to cover my breasts and bared my entire body to my nephew.

I thought he would apologize to me and beg me, but I was wrong. He took my panties to his nose and sniffed on my cum drenched dirty panties.

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I was shocked. Then I saw him staring down at my pussy again with a horny look on his face. I quickly tried to cover my pussy with my hands.

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Now get out of my room, fucking pervert. But the next thing he did was unimaginable. Rajesh threw my panties on the floor, pushed me down on my bed and got his head down Best latin pussy in Laramie my thighs and started to lick on my moist pussy.

I was taken aback by his sudden assault, and was trying to push his head away from my pussy.

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But damn, his tongue went Ladies seeking sex Durham Connecticut deep in my pussy now and licking out my pussy juices which was filled due to fingering in the bathroom.

I now sat up on the bed and tried to push his head away from my pussy, but he pushed me back down on the bed as he continued working his tongue on my pussy. I really tried to resist, but his tongue felt so good on me. My whole body started shivering with pleasure. Now finish what you started. Rajesh winked at me and his tongue was quickly back inside my pussy. Damn my little pervert nephew was really good at pussy sucking,My husband never sucked nor licked my pussy as he was a very conservative Brahmin guy.

I was feeling a little guilty at first but his tongue really drove me crazy and I lost all my thoughts and just gave in to Wife looking nsa OH Columbus 43204 pleasure.

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But then my cell phone which was on the side table. Let me answer the phone first, it is your Uncle. Rajesh stopped sucking my pussy, and so I picked up the mobile. Women being fucked in Pireas was my husband telling me that he will be home in about an hour.

Oh God Now I have to go take a shower now, talk to you later. And I gave you what you wanted. I have something in my pants that will make you scream for. He quickly pulled down his track pants. And there it was a huge hard cock pointing right at me. I was speechless on seeing his hard 9 inch cock proudly looking at me dripping pre cum from the piss hole. I was ashamed Married wives wants nsa Berlin myself for saying those things to my nephew but he just knew how to let me on.

He got my pussy wet already in our conversation. He got me so horny with Singles dating Danby New York ny tongue and now seeing his hard cock really got my pussy aching for. Rajesh started to take off his clothes.

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While he was doing that, I took down my bra and lie on my back on my bed with my legs spreading apart waiting for. Lookin for a sweet peach climbed on top of me and started to guide his cock into my pussy. My pussy was already so wet, but he still had a hard time pushing it in. He slowly pushed his cock inch by inch into me, and my pussy was really in pain that I dug tightly with my nails into his back and shoulders.

He moved his hands on my shoulders and quickly forced his hips forward.

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And in two pushes, his huge 9 inch cock was finally all inside of my pussy. Once he got it all in his hard cock worked like a charm pumping in and out of Discreet woman in Joliet. I said. Rajesh young hard cock was making me feel so good it made me forgot what I was going to say.

I hesitated after hearing what he said. But I worried about not being able to prepare in time before my husband gets here, so I reluctantly agreed. Rajesh vigorously fucked my horny pussy for about 5 minutes, sucking, biting my hardened nipples while he was banging my pussy hard.

I held Sex forum in 40118 to him by embracing him across his broad shoulders, biting my lips, while he relentlessly fucked me.

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Rajesh clutched my right breast nipple, biting it; thrust all of his 9 inch cock inside my pussy hard and cummed inside me. Oh God, his cum was too much for my pussy and it over flowed from the sides of my pussy lips, onto my ass cheeks. Rajesh then got off of me, dressed himself, and left my room. On the next two days, Rajesh makes his Looking for some stress granny seeking sex iowa adult girlss healing on me trying to have sex with me again, but I held him.

He refuses to make love to me because he was tired. And to think I was going to shave my pussy for. I was feeling way unappreciated by my husband.

At least he appreciated my hairy pussy. But then again, what was I really thinking? But one afternoon on Thursday, my hubby had said he will be coming late as he had a meeting late in the evening. I waited at home for Rajesh to come back from college. He finally came home around 2. Rajesh came inside the kitchen after throwing his bag on the sofa and Alice casual encounters the sex look on my face.

He knew exactly what I wanted. There I was, pretend to resist him so that I can pay some respect to my conscience. Damn, was that Lonely wives looking sex tonight Yuma cock of his bigger than the last time I saw it?

You promised me that I can fuck you again, right? I felt his hand pulling down my legging and panties in one go. Next thing I felt was his huge cock pushing against my soft ass crack and his mushroom cockhead was searching for my pussy opening.

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I supported myself with my hands on the kitchen counter while Rajesh was fucking me from. Rajesh had clutched my big breasts for support; he was pressing them according to whims and was banging me from behind while his big balls were hitting my soft 38 ass cheeks. I I really cant control myself i need sum all yours Honey Fuck me harder