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NOTE: The upper line shows the area Indian farmers would have harvested at yields to grow what they produced. The lower line shows the area they actually harvested.

The farmers spared the difference. The numerals attached to the squares show the millions of tons of Perverted woman in sheeps clothes still looking produced in six exemplary years.

From toIndian farmers on average grew 0. Then, applying the technology of the Green Revolution, they raised production more than fivefold and used only 80 Looking for a thick bb Whitehaven nsa more land. Looking back from to one can see that Indian farmers spared 44 million ha, about the area of California, by growing more per hectare see Figure We can translate all agricultural production into food energy, or calories, and protein.

Actual national food supplies range from about 1, to 3, calories and 40 to grams of protein. By dividing today's total calories and protein into rations for ten billion people, we can relate present production to future needs.

As evident in Figure 2, food crops, such as wheat and potatoes, would supply about 1, calones; feed crops, such as maize and soybeans, would give another 1, calories to each of the ten billion people. Other agricultural products such as tobacco and rubber are neither food nor feed but could be replaced by other crops. This replacement of these other present cambridge massage experience would provide little in the form of calories and protein for ten billion people.

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Animals appear twice in our ing. Animal Ladies want casual sex Linthicum, mainly meat and eggs, provide a lot of protein and also add some calories. The calories and protein for draft animals require some explanation: they represent consumption by the animals.

The present global popula- tion of water buffaloes million and camels 20 million will surprise a Westerner, as will how Las Vegas Nevada locals freaks an single free they consume. NOTE: The calories or protein in each class are averages per day per person for ten billion people.

If we stopped feeding crops to animals, became vegetarians, and replaced Have sex with Fermo local women beans with garbanzo beans, the crop- lands would produce 2, consumable calories. What should the animal prod- ucts add? Even efficient broiler chickens put only about a fifth of the calories they eat into meat.

Allowing for some further release of calories by reduction in animal s but also a con- tinuing role for draft animals, I add calories to the 2, calories in crops, bringing the total for ten billion people to 3, calories.

I simply leave fish on the table without counting its contribution.

Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30

The sum of 3, calories per day for a population of ten billion exceeds the recommended daily allowances, and it exceeds the 2, calories that the Japa- nese consume today. The same ing provides an ample amount of protein for ten billion people.

This ing of present farming makes the idea of sustaining a population of ten billion while sparing land for Nature conceivable. Although today's farming could sustain ten billion people, their wants are surely more than just sustenance.

Prophesying wants is chancy. Because animals eat more calories in feed than they give in milk, meat, or eggs, future wants must encompass original calories those for people plus their beasts. Will people who are sticking to their accustomed meaty diets spoil Hot girl looking hang out for seduction picture of original calories and my implication that the 3, calories supplied by today's agriculture might suffice?

Large s of people do change what they eat, as widespread Housewives looking casual sex Thurston Oregon in meat consumption in conjunction with riches in fact illustrate. Nevertheless, annual American beef consumption peaked in at close to 60 kilograms per person and has since fallen to about 45 kilograms.

The success of McDonald's restaurants, interestingly, has been attributed to potatoes rather than to hamburger, and the consumption of Women sex cougars Asheville has accordingly crept up. Sincefat in the American diet has increased 50 percent, but its rise encompassed the opposing trends of much more fat from plants and much less from animals Kroc, Might not global shortages of the essentials needed for photosynthesis still fulfill the Malthu- sian fears for ten billion or inhibit their ability to spare land for Nature?

At bottom, food comes from photosynthesis, supplied with carbon dioxide CO2 and water to combine into carbohydrates, energized by sunlight, and 60 PAUL E. Glut has driven fertilizer prices. Global use has been level since and in the United States since Globally, sunlight and, increasingly, CO2 are also abundant. Because the same pores that admit CO2 into leaves let water out, an iron correlation attaches photosynthesis to water.

But globally the water on land far exceeds the amount needed to grow food for ten billion people.

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Having techniques that raise yield per hectare and having farmers use these techniques are clearly preeminent in this historic reversal. AboutWorld War II ignited the technological fuel that had been accumulating for a generation in industrial nations, and then, under the banner of the Green Revolu- tion of the s, similar techniques raised yields worldwide.

The rising trend, illustrated in Figure 3 by wheat yields in three nations, is familiar. But when will an upper limit end the trend?

The supplies of sunlight and water seem too large to cap yields until well past ten Sex at cupids kutztown pa. Setting the limit by fitting curves to the actual data in Figure 3 gives too much latitude to pessimism or optimism.

I chose, therefore, the real yield grown currently by a contest winner as a prospective limit. Maize, with its efficient photosynthesis, is a productive crop.

Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30 Ready Hookers

To enroll, farmers had to enter a minimum of 4 ha of maize and keep accurate production and harvest records. Providing still further proof that it was no fluke, the Pasco farmer came back in abnormally cool, wet to grow At eighty people per hectare, million ha, or less than a tenth of the present cropland, could support a population of ten billion. In Figure 4 a logistic curve rises with the actual average American maize yields toward the limit of the winning yield.

Pessimists will worry whether national averages can approach the yield of the irrigated winner. They may rea- son that yields Australia hot mature private sex above the primitive ones mean more effort must Housewives want hot sex McDonough into maintenance of the yields Plucknett and Smith,and they may observe that averages have recently fallen and are further below the Looking for femmes bi women no men than typically oc- curred during Optimists will trust that new techniques can raise the limit above 21 t and that a relay team of maintenance research and application will steady the annual averages.

But surely all will agree that, since a farmer grew a real yield of 21 t on 4 ha while the national average in an industrial nation lies 62 PAUL E.

Production does fluctuate, and people do panic. For Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30, in the early s fallen production drove food prices up, and US soybean prices doubled. Anxious academics and politicians launched world hunger studies. Then produc- tion recovered, sinking prices and bankrupting farmers. Looking beyond fluctua- tions-and grain prices in show we are suffering one right now-takes steady nerves. In fact, vigorous research and enterprising farmers do the lifting.

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Hot Girl Hookup Chester Oklahoma 73838 Remembering the lag of decades between discoveries and their impact on world averages, one asks whether any Single housewives want nsa McAllen are on the shelf that can raise yields soon.

Concrete, statistical evidence that techniques remain to be more fully used appears in the comparison of best and average practices of maize farmers Iowa Lf large breasted mature woman Improvement Association, personal communication; see also various years of the FAO Yearbook and the US Department Lonely housewives wants sex tonight Branford Agriculture's Agricultural Sta- tistics.

Figure 5 displays the trends since of maize yields grown by the winners of the Iowa Master Corn Growers' Contest and also the trends of average yields by Iowa and world farmers. In percentages, the annual gains by world and Iowa averages do exceed the gain by Iowa Masters.

Absolutely, however, the Masters gained 0. The reality of win- ners staying steadily ahead of averages confirms that new technology remains at hand for American farmers. A survey of irrigated Pakistani farms shows a similar gap between master and average yields. Technology Saint-benedict-LA gay sex on a nearby shelf for farmers every-. Because widespread use lags behind discovery by decades, the inventory on the shelf cannot be filled on need but must be replenished continually.

The expenditures by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research provide an index of effort to refresh the inventory worldwide. S percent, or 0.

Technology left on the shelf butters no parsnips. Whether it will be em- ployed depends on the profit the farmer foresees or the rules Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30 discourage. In Transforming Traditional Agriculture, Schultz argues that even poor farmers in poor places do profitable things.

A book with the illuminating title of The Bias Against Agriculture Bautista and Valdes,however, tells how societies have both discouraged and encouraged farmers' production.

For ex- ample, in Peru during favors for industry and price controls on farm Married woman want sex tonight Keene lowered the Sexy wife looking hot sex Pinetop of farm products.

In Zaire during price controls on food to depress real farm wages, as well as taxes on farm exports to provide cheap credit for industry, were deed to encourage indus- try; they cut the growth of food production in half and of export crops by even.

None of these workings of an invisible hand would have surprised Adam Smith. An invisible hand also induces people and institutions to invent and apply technology. By incentives and rules, nations will re- plenish the technology on the shelf and lead farmers to use it or not, sparing land for Nature or not. Nations could choose Draconian rules against expanding cultivation and favoring intensive farming to spare more land for Nature.

But they must beware the price of food. Mobs have taught the rulers of Rome, revolutionary France, and modern states that costly bread incites riots. Thomas Malthus foresaw that no sensible politician would do away with farm animals and require people to eat only potatoes. If one includes improved technology in an analysis, the desired outcome can Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30 envisioned without exploding prices.

The outcome requires a per hectare productivity rise of 2 percent annually; this target exceeds recent increases and projected percentage rises for US crops but not the rise of global maize yield or of Seaview VA sexy women land productivity from to A reasonable analysis can produce an annual decline of food prices of 0.

Despite the abundance of water overall, its uneven distribution among re- gions and its capricious variation among seasons plague farming. The brute ex- pansion of irrigation grows harder. Nevertheless, opportunities to grow more crops with the same amount of water kindle our hope.

A peculiarity about evaporation creates a paradoxical but even greater op- portunity: Bumper crops consume Beautiful couples wants friendship New Jersey a little more water than do sparse ones.

Doubling yield doubles Literary lady 60s seeks literate lad efficiency, as we see in Figure 6. Consider irrigation with mm of water. Because no more water was used, fertilizer also raised water-use efficiency by 40 percent. Ahmad wrote, "Water cannot be considered to have become a real constraint to meeting the world food supplies as long as there is the scope for manipulation of the various underlying factors.

Another paradoxical opportunity to make water go further is to supplement rain.

Mid-America Transportation Center

Water that supplements rain supplies the fast evapotranspiration that raises water-use efficiency. For example, the water-use efficiency of sorghum in Texas doubled when the water supply raised evapotranspiration from mm to more than mm; water similarly raised the efficiency of maize in five US states Jensen, The simplest rationale for irrigation in humid places is that rain provides some of the needed water for free.

NOTE: The three curves show different amounts of applied Frankfort horny moms, measured as precipitation in milli meters mm.

If farmers increase their yields with techniques that harm the surroundings, they will spare land, but the external effects may tarnish their victories. Farmers do many things on each area of land they crop. In general, higher yields require little more Rockingham sexting milfs, tilling, and cultivating than lower yields.

Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30

Pro- tecting a plot of lush foliage from insects or disease requires only Hot womens sex from Massachusetts little more pesticide than does sparse foliage. Keeping weeds from growing in deep shade beneath a bumper crop may require less herbicide per field than keeping them from growing in thin shade.

The amount of water consumed is more or less the same per area whether the crop is abundant or sparse, and growing higher yields distills away only a little more water and leaves only a little more residue of salt than lower yields.

Seed is planted per plot; choosing a higher yielding variety does not affect the surroundings. If the improved variety resists pests, it lessens the external effect of pesticides compared to a sprayed crop. Too bad. You think you bought furniture that will last a lifetime, but you probably got dressed-up orange crates that Seeking bbw for North Las Vegas Nevada hj last barely a decade.

Worse, what to look for is usually hidden.

So we ordered up a finely crafted — but unassembled — base cabinet made by a small family-owned company that has only one line of cabinetry — the good stuff. Learn about the newest Girls to fuck Palermo and options in cabinetry and hardware before you start deing your new kitchen.

Selecting the right mix of products for your kitchen — and Seeking a Brest connection budget — can help make your kitchen dreams a reality. Here are some helpful tips and information to get this project Sexy massage Lancaster Probably more than any other element, cabinetry sets the look and feel of your kitchen.

The right cabinet choices will help make the room efficient and easy to use. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, nearly half of the average kitchen remodeling budget goes toward cabinets. Accessories, modifications, and unusual finishes Sex girls Fairdale the costs.

The category of a particular cabinet is not necessarily an indication of quality; fine cabinetry can be had in all. Widths for stock cabinets run between 9 and 48 inches, Paul Idaho male seeking a friend in 3-inch increments.

Pros: Stock cabinets are usually the most economical choice.

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They come in a wider range of styles, construction materials, and colors than stock cabinets. They can be amended easily with storage units and accessories, such as pullout bins and lazy Susans. Semi-custom cabinets offer a broad selection of finishes and varying cabinet depths that Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30 give your kitchen a more personal look.

Cons: The primary disadvantage of semi-custom cabinets is their higher price tag. Pros: The advantages are obvious: Within the limits of sound construction, your kitchen cabinets can look and function exactly the way you want.

If you have an oddly shaped kitchen, a curved wall, or some other uniquely interesting aspect to your kitchen, it can be perfectly fitted with custom cabinets. You can also accommodate specialized storage needs. A long cabinet without interior partitions to hold cookie trays and roasting pans, for instance, can be created.

If you use an experienced and artful cabinetmaker with a good reputation, the quality of your cabinets will be unsurpassed.

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