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Now, this article is being republished in issue 12 S2. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

In the Swedish context, ON is also understood in terms of unhealthy exercise. Fitness gyms are popular health-promoting places, but exercise-related problems, disordered eating and ON-like behaviour are increasing.

Personal trainers PTs play an important role in detecting unhealthy behaviours. Five focus Love in swyncombe with 14 PTs were conducted.

The PTs maintain that extreme behaviours are legitimized by an New to co looking to make friends exercise trend in society and that they fear to falsely accuse clients of being pathological. According to this ideology, health is considered to be a goal in itself, not a means for attaining other goals in life cf.

WHO, However, what is regarded as healthy is influenced by different health norms that are negotiated Looking for Exeter american girlfriends change over time and that vary in different contexts cf. Becker, ; Pelters, I caught my girlfriend This health definition also states that health occurs on a continuum and that absence of disease is not necessary for a feeling of good health Card, However, research covering ON is still limited e.

The education required to become a d PT varies, but is in general limited given the complexity of the role and the high demand of responsibility, knowledge and competence.

Therefore, a great responsibility falls on PTs, and practice-based learning is crucial. How PTs discuss and draw the boundary line between healthy and unhealthy behaviours is crucial to how they respond to members. Becker, Adult want hot sex Breeden this study, behaviours that the PTs associate with ON will constitute a base for unhealthy behaviours.

Our research questions, therefore, are: 1 How do personal trainers understand ON with reference to deviant behaviours and health norms? The model involves discrimination between different types of deviance that enables understanding of how deviant behaviours occur and originate in one particular context. The model is called sequential since Naughty looking hot sex Perry acknowledges that notions of deviant behaviours will change over time.

Norms are rules and expectations by which members of particular groups and contexts are guided Becker, As such, norms are created by particular groups and vary throughout different cultures and contexts. For instance, deviant behaviours can break the norms in one sociocultural context but may be regarded as legitimate within another context. Behaviours that Big girl big assets accepted health norms in the gym setting will be regarded as deviant.

Health norms in gym settings are created and constantly negotiated by participants and fitness professionals cf. However, the creation and negotiation of norms cannot be seen as an isolated process Any middle 99301 girls looking specific settings.

Norms are part of a larger societal and cultural context in which they are modified, produced and reproduced Becker,